Appreciation for Those Who Regularly Attend Sunday Services

From Rev. Jean Atta
October 24, 2014

I know there are other priorities and concerns that call for attention Sunday mornings and I’m grateful for those of you who regularly attend the Sunday services (including other activities). I hope you have a sense of both gaining from attendance and also of giving by adding to the quality of the congregation by your attendance.

Your efforts and contributions are valuable to our small congregation. That’s why I would like to personally thank you for your good heart. please keep it up!

  • Our worship services have the reverently vibrant and other qualities of worship that promote pursuance of a good life. The sermons include a deeper reflection on New Church ideas with a strong emphasis on how these can affect the way we live our lives.  The service is usually less than 50 minutes long.

I hope you are getting good spiritual food for your soul, mind and body. Please invite your friends anytime.

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