Our Sincere Condolences to Pam & Peter Tomashek

Hello Friends,
Pam Tomashek’s Mom passed away Thursday morning.
Her mom was 91 and she was a God fearing mother. Anytime she attended the New Church in La Crescenta, She made our worship services very special by her presence and the love that showed on her face. She is an angel and Heaven will welcome her with joy and happiness.
“People are prepared for heaven in the world of spirits, which is midway between heaven and hell, and at the end of that time they all to some degree or other long for heaven. Then their eyes are opened and they see a path leading to some society in heaven. They set out on the path and ascend, and as they ascend they come upon a gate, with a guard there. The guard opens the gate, and so they enter…” Apocalypse Revealed 611.
– Funeral probably next Wednesday.
Our sincere Condolences to Pam and Peter Tomashek.
Rev. Jean Atta