Holiday Services


We would love to have you join us at any of our holiday services.

Holy Supper (Quarterly) – Adults of any denomination who wish to be conjoined by love and faith with the Lord Jesus Christ as the One God, are invited to partake of the Holy Supper. This is offered quarterly at the end of the regular service (or privately by appointment with the pastor). Those taking communion kneel at the chancel rail or sit in the front row if they cannot manage kneeling. Our next Holy Supper is for Sunday, January 11, 2015.

Palm Sunday – a regular worship service. You may pick up a palm branch as you enter the chapel, to be carried forward and laid on the chancel during the first hymn.

Good Friday Evening – 7:00 PM service is for all ages who are able to sit through an hour-long service consisting of readings from the gospels concerning Jesus’ final week on earth, accompanied by appropriate readings from the Heavenly Doctrine. Holy Supper is included in this service.

Easter – 10:00 AM. The congregation is invited to bring an offering of flowers to celebrate the Lord’s resurrection (the flowers are donated to shut-ins and local charities.). You may bring flowers forward as you arrive as the pastor will be on hand to receive them. The service will be followed by an Easter Lunch. Please check the calendar for confirmation.

New Church Day (held on the Sunday nearest June 19th) – is a special day. This celebrates an event recorded in True Christian Religion, namely, the Lord’s calling together of the disciples who had followed Him in the natural world, and the sending of them throughout the spiritual world to proclaim the good news that the Lord God Jesus Christ reigns. This took place on the 19th of June, 1770. We use this service to celebrate all that is implied by the Second Coming of the Lord. Small gifts are given to the children afterwards. Please call ahead to be sure a gift is prepared for your child.

Thanksgiving Family Service on Sunday November 23, 2014 – 10:00 AM service will be followed by a potluck. Most of the worshipers bring a gift to the Lord and His work on earth. This offering is a means to especially thank the Lord for all the harvest of natural and spiritual gifts that He gives.

Thanksgiving Potluck Feast message from Susan Matchett:

Everyone is invited. If you would like to contribute to the menu, please look below to see what we have presented.  Some items have already been spoken for.  There will be a person’s name in the slot.  Select what you might like to bring and then LET ME KNOW BY EMAIL or phone.  I will keep the menu updated and present it again when ready.  Our dinner is 3 weeks from this coming Sunday.

Thank you, Susan Matchett   626 350 4884   OR  [email protected]


Turkey and Gravy: Pam Tomashek

Stuffing                : Sue Matchett

Wild Rice             : Carla  and cranberry compote

Sweet Potatoes   : Gabrielle

Vegetable dish    : Sue


White Potatoes   like mashed?

Vegetables; Salad; Rolls/Butter; Dessert; Drinks

What else?

We have dishes, eating utensils, etc. and glasses.

Let us humbly and graciously thank the LORD for all we have.  See you for a wonderful dinner.  Please know you are welcome whether you can bring something or not.  Share yourself!!!!!!!

Thank you.



Christmas Advent Service – This year, we will have a Christmas advent service at 10AM on Sunday Dec 21, 2014, shortly before Christmas.

Christmas Eve – a 5:30 PM service for families, this service has one address for all. Small gifts are presented to the children afterwards. Please call ahead to be sure a gift is prepared for your child.