Why Misfortune and Pain?

Sermon this Sunday, Sept 11.

Why Misfortune and pain?

Where is God? Where are the angels?

Why God sometimes lets bad people hurt good ones? (at least that’s how it feels like)

Did someone leave a big wound in your heart? What did you do about that? Was God there for you during those painful moments? Are you still in pain?

It is easier to destroy than to build. Don’t let evil spirits and their agents destroy your happiness.

Come and share your experience with us. This Sunday at 10 AM, in La Crescenta, Ca. And don’t forget to visit our website for more info.

A word of hope: So long as temptation/trial continues, the person supposes the Lord to be absent, because he/she is troubled by evil genii so severely that sometimes he/she is reduced to despair, and can scarcely believe there is any God. Yet the Lord is then more closely present than he/she can ever believe. Secrets of Heaven 840.

All who are governed by heavenly love have confidence that the Lord saves them. Secret of Heaven 9244.

Come and see!

God bless.